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This page has a whole bunch of pictures, so if you're on a slow connection it'll take a long while to load.

Other Chalets

I lost a whole pile of email a while back, so while I have a bunch of photos that nice folks like you have sent me ... I don't always have names to go with them. My apologies! Here, then, you'll find a bunch of pictures of Chalets showing the different modifications people have made, what happens to them in salt country, etc.

This was the Blazer that my first shell (#1383) came from. The appliance unit had been removed and replaced with a hand-made bunk. The right two pictures show you what they look like when removed from the truck.

A Jimmy Casa Grande, repainted as a company truck.

Doug's 1976 as he bought it (first) and with its new (correct) side paint (second). My friends and neighbours think I'm bad -- look at Doug's collection! (The red first-gen truck is a family member's, but the rest are his.)

Left to right: Hal's nice truck (dog not included), Judy's camper-off restored '76, Steve's old '76 camper on a '79 Blazer, Steve selling his '76 Chalet on a CUCV to Bill (who towed it home with his CUCV/JCG).

Left to right: A nice spiffed up '76, a fixed-up '77, two of a '76 camper on a newer Blazer, and a beautifully kept up '77.

Various examples of what happens to Chalets if left to rust :(

Left to right: One with two or three air conditioning units, another with the closet removed and a porta potty put in, and the last two of one with a solid rear door (with mirror -- that's not a window), one of those receiver hitch cargo trays, and an awning.

And the Chalet in its native territory (i.e. equally at home in the wild or domesticated. :)